European way of life


Who am I?

Alexandra, 27 years old. PhD in progress (History). Museum docent.

I live in Nancy, East of France (between Paris and Strasbourg), near four borders: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. That geographic location played a great part in my eurolust.

I has been travelling since I was a child, by car, by plane, by train. I’m not afraid of devouring miles, I love the cosmopolitan atmosphere of airports and I’m a railway enthusiast!

I’ve decided to make curiosity a lifestyle and I’ve devoted my studies, my professional life and my hobbies to explore, from the comfort of an armchair, through books, or on the road. I love to pass on and learn more than anything!

Was is Eurofluence?

I created Eurofluence on May 23rd 2014. Contraction of Europe and confluence, influence, fluence. Eurofluence is still very young, but it claims to be more than a blog: a place to share my experiences in Europe and beyond, a source of inspiration for travelers, a guide for every euroenthusiasts, well, a place to exchange views on a lifestyle, a kind of european way of life.

Eurofluence is only at the beginning of its story and if you decided to let it live, it will grow and assert itself step by step.

I have a lot of ideas. So… Stay eurotuned!

PS: as you can read, I’m not a native English speaker. I do my best to translate all the posts in English myself, thanks to the help of my friend Sylvia. She checks my translations, so… Thank you Sylvia!

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