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How to use the bus in Dublin (especially from the airport to the city center)

Here you are in Dublin : you’re freshly off your RyanAir or AerLingus flight and now you want to leave the airport to get to the city center, around 10 kilometers south.

You choose the cheapest solution : the bus !

Dublin is quite a special European capital ; you’ll quickly discover that the airport isn’t connected to any railway network. No high speed train and no subway. Dublin doesn’t have a subway.

That is why the bus is the most common way to get you downtown. Around 1000 buses and coaches stop at the airport every day. But don’t worry, there are just two terminals at Dublin airport (1… And 2). And the bus stops are well indicated from the arrivals hall. It’s very easy from the terminal 2 and barely more complicated from the terminal 1.

How to choose ?

There are three solutions :

  the Aircoach.

Aircoach, Dublin, Ireland

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Big blue buses, quite confortable (Travel on luxury is the company’s slogan). You can’t miss them. They go directly downtown and stop near the main hotels.

  •  Which route do I choose ?

    • The route 700 (to Dublin City Centre ou to Leopardstown / Sandyford) : directlytothecitycenter. Thethreecentralstops are :
      • O’Connell Street (25 minutes),
      • Grafton Street (Trinity College 30 minutes),
      • et Kildare Street (35 minutes).
  • Where to buy tickets ?

  • What’s the price ?

    • 6€ one-way ; 12€ round-trip (May 2014 fares).
  • How often ?

    • From 03:25 AM to 23:55 PM : every 15 minutes,
    • From 23:55 PM to 03:25 AM : every les 30 minutes.
  • How do I know where to stop ?

    • The driver announces each stops and stops the bus everytime.
  • Recommendations.

    • No service on Christmas ; last services on Christmas Eve and first services on Boxing Day / St. Stephen’s Day may change (see the news on the Aircoach website). Timetables are the same everyday.

  the Airlink.

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Special Airport service by Dublin Bus, Dubliner public transports. They’re green double-decker buses.

  • Which route do I choose ?

    • The route 747 (from Dublin Airport to Heuston Rail Station) reaches the city center directly in about 30 minutes (several central stops : O’Connell Street, Trinity College & Temple Bar and Christchurch).
  • Where to buy tickets ?

  • What’s the price ?

    • 6€ one-way, 10€ round-trip (May 2014 fares).
  • How often ?

  • How do I know where to stop ?

    • You can follow the route planner on screens ; a digital voice announces the stops.

  Public transports : Dublin bus.

Photo de

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They’re blue and yellow double-decker buses. Follow the informations in the arrivals hall, Dublin buses stops are behind Aircoach and Airlink stops.

  • Which route do I choose ?

    • 16 (from Dublin Airport to Ballinteer (Kingston),
    • 41 (Lower Abbey St. Towards Swords Manor) and 41b (From Lower Abbey St. Towards Rolestown).
  • Where to buy tickets ?

    • See Airlink above,
    • or from the driver ; don’t forget that you need to have the exact change.
  • How often ?

  • How do I know where to stop ?

    • Well, it becomes more complicated ! There are no route planners on the buses and there aren’t digital voices in every bus. It’s even quite impossible to find a public transportation plan in tourist offices or on the Internet. You can only find plans for a few routes. Don’t worry, here are a few tips that I came up with by myself : 
      • First solution : ask the driver ; tell him where you want to stop and he will stop and call you (stay around…) ; tell him rather the name of the street or the hotel than the number of your stop because they don’t know every stop of the town by heart, and that’s quite normal !
      • Second solution : get ready with Google Street view and try to locate something significant near your stop (shop, monument, special building) ; when you see it , just push the button to ask the bus to stop ! It’s the way I’ve personally chosen : when I saw a big blue portal near my B&B in Drumcondra, I immediately asked the bus to stop and I wasn’t mistaken !

Eurofluence’s recommendations on Dublin Bus :

  1. The driver will calculate your fare according to your journey ; when you bury your ticket, tell the driver where you’re going. A machine will calculate your fare (around 2,30€ for the city center) ; put your money in the machine and it will give you a ticket. If you don’t have the exact change, the driver will give you a voucher and you could get the change back at the Dublin Bus Office, O’Connell St. If you have to use the Dublin bus during your Irish stay, and if there aren’t any informations on board, just ask the driver. He’ll tell you the right stop.
  2. I saw a driver stop a bus just to put himself the luggages of a french tourists group in the luggage compartment because they were in the way. He was quite exasperated. So, I can’t recommend strongly enough to the French travelers to obediently put their luggages in the luggage compartment…
  3. The Dublin Bus network is quite extensive, take advantage of it to spend an afternoon to the little seaside resort of Malahide !
  4. There are daily and weekly ticketsIt depends on your stay but if you’re in the downtown, it’s not very expensive. It will pay off to buy one-trip tickets from time to time rather than this kind of pass.
  5. All bus stops don’t have electronic displays showing real-time bus information. To know your route’s informations, look at the bus schedules at your stop. If you have an Internet connexion at your accommodation, use the Dublin Bus app. It’s what Dubliners do and it’s reliable ! Moreover all buses have WI-FI (AircoachAirlinkDublin Bus). 

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