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Impressions: Le Nemours, real Parisian café

A coffee at the Nemours is like a timeless moment in the Parisian life. On the place Colette, an institution of the French theatre : the Comédie française.

A little break, after the Louvre made us happily washed-up. The Nemours is at the crossroads between important centers of French politics: the Constitutional Council, the Council of State, the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Suits, ties and high heels rush through the Palais Royal gardens close by.

One chooses a little cane chair and sits down at a table between the massive columns of the Palais Royal. People stare at each other. At the Nemours, one always has the impression that one’s neighbor is famous ; and everyone could believe that you are famous too.

En terrasse du Nemours, Paris, France, photo de Flickr’s (Regis Frasseto), licence Creative Commons.

The Nemours, Paris, France, photo from Flickr’s (Regis Frasseto), licence Creative Commons.

Early June – in the end of the afternoon, I take a light meal surrounded by members of the Comédie française. Guillaume Gallienne flits around, a more serious Éric Ruf enjoys the last warm sunrays with his companions.

The Nemours has everything that makes a real Parisian café : a perfect service in a traditional waiter uniform, nice unpretentious snacks, a little outdated charm, prices worthy of the French capital and no website. You can banters with waiters without ceremony.

I finish my tea outside while enjoying the spot: the golden sunset is going to hit the archs of the Nemours at the rush hour and it will still be possible to satisfy your hunger if you leave the Comédie française at a late hour.

Le Nemours

  2, Galerie de Nemours, 75001, Paris, France

  + 33 (0)1 42 61 34 14

  Open from monday to saturday from 07:00 AM to 01:30 AM and on sundays, from 09:30 AM to 21:30 PM

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