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Mirabelles de Nancy sur l'arbre, photo de Stanislas Perrin  (CC BY-SA 2.5, 2.0, 1.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

The Lorraine mirabelle

It’s been three days of intense media coverage. Everyone is talking about it, even in the national press: war? the financial crisis? No (at least, not only): it’s the Lorraine mirabelle! Let’s zoom in on this little fruit, rich in vitamin C and fiber that exists almost nowhere else. A species of plum This delicate fruit is found almost only…

Salle des petits-déjeuners © Hôtel R de Paris

Review: Hotel R de Paris

This little designer four-star hotel opened in december 2013 in the heart of the 9th arrondissement. The address is still confidential, but this spring the clientele is already very international (Americans, Germans, Asians…). The hotel’s location on 41, rue de Clichy is a very good one, just a stone’s throw from Montmartre, the grands boulevards and the Opera – it…

Saucisse - purée © Eurofluence

Is France still the country of good food?

I asked myself the question, one winter night in 2013, when I walked by a small joint in the old city center in Nancy. The oldest “brasserie” in town had just taken its trash out. Its contents, and the fraud they gave out, were neatly displayed on the pavement. I didn’t even have to bend over to familiarize myself with…


An unusual Bastille Day: in Liège, Belgium

This 14th of July, the Walloon city of Liège will have been fervently celebrating the French national holiday for more than seventy years. Yet, until now, nothing had changed since your last history lesson. Some primary-school geography reminders: Liège is a city in Belgium. And Belgium, until proven otherwise, is not France. Why then, every 14th of July, do 35.000 people…

En terrasse du Nemours, Paris, France, photo de Flickr’s (Regis Frasseto), licence Creative Commons.

Impressions: Le Nemours, real Parisian café

A coffee at the Nemours is like a timeless moment in the Parisian life. On the place Colette, an institution of the French theatre : the Comédie française. A little break, after the Louvre made us happily washed-up. The Nemours is at the crossroads between important centers of French politics: the Constitutional Council, the Council of State, the Ministry of…