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MARQ, Alicante, Espagne © Eurofluence

The most beautiful archaeological museum in Europe: the MARQ in Alicante, Spain

Without a doubt, the MARQ is the most beautiful archaeological museum in Europe. Its name lives up to its ambition: to be the first 21st century archaeological museum. Challenge accomplished. The MARQ’s whole scenography has one goal: knowledge. Each of the five routes one can take through the permanent displays is an invitation to listen to our ancestors’ voices, from…

Vue de Baden-Baden, Allemagne © Eurofluence

An express to: Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden spreads leisurely at the heart of the Oos Valley, along a small tributary of the Rhine. This sprezzatura is characteristic of antiquated fashionable spa-towns. Baden-Baden, however, came out well from the “thermal transition” and has always remained, ever since the Antiquity, a small, but dynamic city. Indeed, the Romans first made the most of its hot water-springs, which are…